About Health Over All

Health Over All (HOA) was created to provide you trustworthy, preventative focused, team based health care so you are able to achieve your greatest potential in every aspect of life.

HOA believes not only is health more than just the absence of disease, but also the complete state of physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. We believe those who are ill can be well. An empowered lifestyle, rooted in knowledge about what to put in and how to care for our individual bodies, allows us to live our purpose and prevent illness.

We take your health and wellbeing personally. See what life is like when you put HEALTH OVER ALL.


  • to provide state of the art team based health care, founded in research and rooted in the principles of traditional healing
  • to commit to making physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health a lifestyle you are excited about living and able to achieve
  • to teach the principles of preventative medicine and the Naturopathic lifestyle
  • to build a work environment where each person is valued, respected and has the ability for personal and professional growth


  • to have a dedicated team of qualified health care practitioners passionate about promoting health and preventing disease
  • to have people investing in future of their health (ounce of prevention = pound of cure)
  • to create an understanding of why things are happening in the body, to enable patients to make informed decisions about their health care
  • to bridge the gap between conventional and alternative medicine through service, excellence and knowledge in Naturopathic medicine and alternative health care
  • to work collaboratively with all health professionals to offer the best individualized care for our patients
  • to create a space where the community can gather to become empowered and informed on ways to grow towards their best self
  • to offer high quality healthcare through innovative treatments – IV, in-office professional supplement/herbal dispensary, infrared sauna


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